23 November, 2012

Elder Abuse Is More Common Than You Realize

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After so many years of taking care of us, we hope that our elderly loved ones will be well cared for into their old age. The sad truth is that this doesn't always happen. Elder abuse is a real and persistent concern. A study published earlier this month in the New England Journal of Medicine found that at least 10 percent of elderly people will be abused. Because the study's data was based on self-reports, this number may actually be much higher. What is elder abuse? When most people picture abuse, they think of physical violence like hitting or shoving. ...


16 July, 2012

Let’s Talk About Senior Driving

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In our society, we sometimes forget that driving is a privilege, not a right. Safe driving depends upon the ability to see, think and move. While many older drivers continue to drive safely, the ability to drive safely can be severely impacted by dementia or other medical conditions that cause confusion, memory loss or cognitive impairment, vision and hearing loss, alcohol use, and medication side effects. It's a difficult issue to face, but ignoring it won't make the problem go away. I hear lots of older drivers diminish the risks involved, saying that they only drive to places they ...


25 September, 2011

Would My Case Be Right For A Facilitated Meeting Or Elder Mediation?

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When clients call with a problem involving family conflict, they often don't believe that their situation could be helped by using a facilitated meeting or elder mediation. They might be wrong. Here are some examples of cases where a meeting or mediation could assist the parties to reach resolution: Conflict related to guardianship proceedings. This type of case might include allegations of improper care, neglect, financial abuse, or charges of undue influence. The dispute might involve whether a guardianship is the best option, or who should be appointed guardian. Conflict among family members over the care of a parent diagnosed ...