Family Disputes

22 September, 2018

How Siblings Can Avoid Fighting Over Caregiving Disagreements

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As your parents get older, it will become increasingly important for you and your siblings to come together and help your parents find the best caregiving options. Depending on the circumstances and the health of your parents, you may be able to hire in-home caregivers that allow your parents to stay in their own home. In other situations, an assisted living facility, adult family home, memory care community, or a skilled nursing facility may be more appropriate. No matter what decision you and your parents ultimately make, it is helpful when siblings can be on the same page. Having ...


10 March, 2016

5 Conflicts That Can Be Resolved During Mediation

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It would be great if we could always see eye to eye with our family. In practice, as we all know, conflicts will arise among our loved ones. One way that families can resolve these conflicts is by using mediation. Mediation brings in a neutral third party to help all the parties come to a mutual agreement. The mediator doesn't force you to make any decisions. The mediator is there to help facilitate the conversation and identify areas where agreement may be found. Because estate planning and other end-of-life issues are so emotionally charged, this is a frequent source ...


10 November, 2014

Family Conflict? Consider These Strategies

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One of the hardest parts of having an aging parent is watching the tables turn. Once, they were responsible for taking care of you and your siblings. Now, it is your turn to take care of them. This shift in responsibility can cause stress in even the closest families. Maybe your parent needs more help caring for themselves, but is reluctant to accept it. Or perhaps one sibling feels like they are shouldering a disproportionate amount of the burden, and others aren't pulling their weight. Regardless of the source of conflict, dealing with it is always better than letting ...


15 March, 2013

Is Elder Mediation Right For You?

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Getting into a dispute with your family can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating experience. This is especially true when the disagreement concerns the care or safety of an elderly spouse, parent or other loved one. If you're in this situation, mediation may be the answer. Elder mediation can be a very productive way to resolve family disputes in a safe and confidential environment. Mediation helps families find solutions The goal of elder mediation is to help families reach a mutually agreeable solution to their problem. The process is facilitated by a mediator, a neutral third party who helps ...


25 September, 2011

Would My Case Be Right For A Facilitated Meeting Or Elder Mediation?

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When clients call with a problem involving family conflict, they often don't believe that their situation could be helped by using a facilitated meeting or elder mediation. They might be wrong. Here are some examples of cases where a meeting or mediation could assist the parties to reach resolution: Conflict related to guardianship proceedings. This type of case might include allegations of improper care, neglect, financial abuse, or charges of undue influence. The dispute might involve whether a guardianship is the best option, or who should be appointed guardian. Conflict among family members over the care of a parent diagnosed ...