Elder Abuse

10 March, 2018

Can I Find A Guardian For My Elderly Neighbor?

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Elder abuse, neglect or deteriorating health can be a difficult subject to broach, especially when speaking to a neighbor. What can you do as a non-family member? Can you legally get involved with their well-being? Is it even your place to get involved? If you're a concerned neighbor, you do have options for helping an elderly neighbor. Things to consider First and foremost, if you suspect elder abuse or neglect of a neighbor, then it is appropriate to call Adult Protective Services. You do not need proof of abuse or neglect, but can report the circumstances that are causing concern. ...


8 September, 2017

Elderly People Continue To Be Targeted By Scam Artists

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As long as there are senior citizens living in our communities, there will be an abundance of scam artists targeting this vulnerable group in order to steal their money, identity and dignity. For years, phone scams have been one of the go-to deceptions used by hucksters, manipulators, and thieves. With advancements in technology, phone scams have evolved in their sophistication. And while con artists continue to rely on this old way of trickery, they are constantly creating new tricks to scam older people, especially elderly widows. One of the best solutions to a phone scam is to simply and quickly ...


9 July, 2015

Be Aware Of The Latest Scams

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Anyone can fall victim to a scam. Young, tech-savvy people, business professionals - truly everyone can be targeted. Unfortunately, however, senior citizens may be particularly susceptible. For a number of reasons, scammers often target the elderly. Whether it's because of their perceived trusting nature or the possibility of a large nest egg ripe for the taking, seniors especially need to be aware of these scams. It's important to stay informed on the current scams. Just when you think you've heard of the latest, another one unfolds. If it's an elderly loved one you're concerned about, sit down with them and ...


19 September, 2013

Beware: Scammers Target Elderly Adults

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Scammers target senior citizens. It's sad, but it's true. Criminals prey on elderly adults because they assume that elders will either be too trusting to recognize the scam, or too polite to push back on the scammers' pressure tactics. Financial scams can affect any senior, even those who are smart and healthy. In fact, even Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has admitted to almost falling for a scam! You can help your loved ones stay safe The best way to avoid scams is to educate yourself and your elderly loved ones, so that you can recognize the signs of a scam. ...


9 July, 2013

Elder Financial Abuse: A Silent Epidemic

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Financial exploitation of the elderly is a serious problem in this country, and one we don't talk about nearly enough. According to data provided by the National Adult Protective Services Association, one in 20 elderly people will suffer financial abuse in their lives. Sadly, only about 2 percent of cases are ever reported. Financial exploitation deprives elderly people of the money they need to fund their retirements, pay for long-term care, and afford basic necessities like food, housing and medical care. It can also have serious repercussions for the victim's mental and physical health. Financial abuse takes many forms Financial ...


23 November, 2012

Elder Abuse Is More Common Than You Realize

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After so many years of taking care of us, we hope that our elderly loved ones will be well cared for into their old age. The sad truth is that this doesn't always happen. Elder abuse is a real and persistent concern. A study published earlier this month in the New England Journal of Medicine found that at least 10 percent of elderly people will be abused. Because the study's data was based on self-reports, this number may actually be much higher. What is elder abuse? When most people picture abuse, they think of physical violence like hitting or shoving. ...