12 January, 2016

4 Things To Consider About Aging in Place

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When your parents or loved ones are thinking about the future, the idea of staying in the home they love is appealing. The memories that were made under that roof provide a sense of security and nostalgia: The home where children were raised, where grandchildren played, and a life was established. The idea of leaving it behind may seem unimaginable and unnecessary. It is their home and it’s where they want to stay throughout their twilight years. But is that home the best place for them? Outside of sentimental reasons, there are practical and logical aspects that should be considered. ...


1 May, 2015

Ride Share For Seniors

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One of the most challenging aspects for aging adults is when the time comes to stop driving. Whether it was by choice or was involuntary, it's a hard time for everyone involved. It's a loss of freedom and a difficult reality check. Fortunately, we live in a time full of technology-enabled options for transportation and convenience. There has also been a big shift in focusing on keeping elderly people in their homes as long as possible. There are many companies whose primary objectives are to help elderly stay independent so they don't have to sacrifice their autonomy. Keeping them safe ...