One of the most challenging aspects for aging adults is when the time comes to stop driving. Whether it was by choice or was involuntary, it’s a hard time for everyone involved. It’s a loss of freedom and a difficult reality check.

Fortunately, we live in a time full of technology-enabled options for transportation and convenience. There has also been a big shift in focusing on keeping elderly people in their homes as long as possible. There are many companies whose primary objectives are to help elderly stay independent so they don’t have to sacrifice their autonomy.

Keeping them safe and independent

One of these programs is GoGo Grandparent. GoGo Grandparent provides Uber-like transportation for older adults. The process is simple and manageable for elderly individuals to learn. It allows your loved one to easily request a ride wherever they want – the grocery store, church, a friend’s house – in a way that isn’t complicated or confusing. It’s as effortless as entering a single digit to request a car and another single digit to request a car come back to where they dropped you off. They won’t have to worry about apps or puzzling websites. It’s as straightforward as using a keypad.

It also allows families to stay connected. Families can receive notifications on transportation requests and real-time updates so you can feel confident that your loved one arrived safely. The drivers can also send you updates if they notice anything unusual or off about your loved one, so you can keep an eye on their health if you aren’t there to do it yourself.

More options now than ever

Your loved one can use this service on their cell phone. If your loved one doesn’t currently own a cell phone, there are now plenty of options so that your loved one can have that added freedom without complicating his or her life. One cell phone option aimed at doing just that is Jitterbug. It’s a cell phone and service that gives them that desired freedom and convenience without having to be constantly frustrated. For those with low vision or mobility issues, the buttons and large and easy to press.

We know these are some of the toughest conversations you may ever have with your loved one. These days, however, there are many solutions out there to keep your loved one independent and safe, and to give you peace of mind.