Long Term Care

25 May, 2018

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Assisted Living Community

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Making the decision to move your loved ones into an assisted living home or community can be tough, especially with the wide variety of options in facilities there is today. Deciding which facility will be the best fit can be overwhelming. In addition to considering the affordability of each community, there are also other key factors to consider. These few tips can help make the decision easier for all of you. 1. Pay attention to the staff. This is crucial in helping decide what the right place for your family or friend is. The staff play an important role and it's ...


30 July, 2017

Affording Long-Term Care For Your Aging Loved Ones

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If you're considering long-term care for your aging loved ones, you might have some concerns about the price tag of assisted living facilities. You want to ensure that your loved one receives assistance in their day-to-day activities, but the costs may be holding you back. Here are some things to consider when deciding if a long-term facility is right for your aging family member and some of the resources that can help you afford it. How much do long-term care facilities cost? With over 75,400,000 baby boomers aging in the United States, long-term care is becoming more popular - and ...


13 September, 2016

6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Parents

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For many people, imagining a time when their parents are the ones who need to be taken care of is challenging. For so much of your life, they are the ones who took care of you. While it may be difficult to envision, the truth is that it’s likely going to be a reality. Whether they need full-time care or they just need some guidance in making sure that their affairs are in order, your parents will likely need some extra support. Having some conversations sooner, rather than later, can ensure that everything is decided upon long before there needs ...


25 March, 2014

Talking To Your Parent About Long-Term Care

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There will come a time in many people's lives where they have to step in and provide care for an ailing or aging parent. This is almost always a difficult transition, but it can be even more stressful if you don't understand what your parent wants, or if they are resistant to your help. Talking about these issues before they arise can help make the situation much easier. Here are some topics to consider. What medical care does your parent want? Were something catastrophic to happen, what care would they want? Would your parent want all possible life-saving measures, or ...


22 January, 2014

Should You Use Medicaid To Pay For Long-Term Care?

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Over the course of their lives, many seniors will end up needing some form of long term care. Whether it's a nursing home, in-home caregiver or something else, long term care is expensive. Few people have enough in savings to pay for all of the costs out of pocket. For some people, Medicaid can be a very good tool to pay for long term care. However, not everyone qualifies for Medicaid, and using Medicaid can have some unexpected financial consequences. Here are a few things you should know if you are considering Medicaid for yourself or a loved one. Eligibility ...


30 November, 2013

4 Tips For Family Caregivers

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Caring for an ill or aging loved one is hard work, and something that a lot of people do. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 34 million people in the United States provide unpaid care to an ill or disabled adult. On average, these family caregivers provide over 20 hours of care every week. There's a financial investment as well: many caregivers end up spending thousands of dollars out of their own pocket or cutting back on their working hours. If you're a family caregiver, be proud of the work you do. ...


15 January, 2013

Little-Known Program Offers Big Help To Aging Veterans

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Paying for long-term care is rarely easy. When it comes to affording in-home care, assisted living or nursing home care, most people will need to think creatively about their financing options. For Veterans and their surviving spouses, this could mean taking advantage of long-term care benefits offered by the Veterans Administration. Many people aren't aware that Veterans and their surviving spouses can qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits, even if the Veteran does not have a service-connected disability. Qualifying for Aid and Attendance Aid and Attendance benefits are available to Veterans, and the surviving spouses of Veterans, if the ...