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A guardian is a person or agency appointed by the court who is designated to act for someone who has been declared incapacitated. If you are concerned that a guardianship may be necessary for someone you care about, please call to set up a consultation. We can discuss the pros and cons of guardianship, the alternatives to guardianship, and whether a petition to start a guardianship is appropriate in your case. We represent petitioners, guardians, alleged incapacitated persons, and other interested family members in guardianship matters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guardianship

What Is A Guardian?2020-09-30T18:27:26-07:00

A guardian is a person or organization appointed by the court to manage the financial or personal affairs for a person who is unable to manage their affairs themselves. A guardian may be appointed for a minor under the age of 18 or an incapacitated adult.

When Is A Person Considered “Incapacitated?”